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Mayanka & Robert were the sweetest couple! I am so excited to share this sneak peak of their big day which was filled with so much love and joy.  They were actually married in a traditional Indian ceremony some months ago, so this was ceremony number two for their family and friends here in the states. The couple got ready at Hotel Indigo downtown Baltimore and in true Baltimore fashion we didn’t know what to expect with the weather in March… the morning of the wedding we got a snowstorm go figure! Thankfully the snow stopped, and the weather cleared before everyone left the hotel. The couple had a lovely ceremony at Gertrude’s Restaurant on the covered patio. They recited their handwritten vows in front of family and friends and then enjoyed a night of amazing food, heart filled toasts, a surprise guest singer, great music and lots of dancing. It was truly a wonderful celebration! I wish Mayanka and Robert many many years of love and joy as they embark on this new chapter of life together!

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Upscale Medical Transportation- Personal Branding Session AN INSPIRING STORY ON HARD WORK AND PERSEVERANCE 

Meet Joshua & Earl Conte, the owners of Upscale Medical Transportation.




Joshua established Upscale in March of 2013 to help fill a void in the medical transportation industry located in Essex and Union County, New Jersey. Since then the healthcare and medical insurance industry has gone through major changes that made it very difficult for him to stay afloat as a small business in his industry. He experienced some significant ups and downs and more than once came to the edge of throwing the whole business away. But Joshua has been the embodiment of persistence, patience and hard work. This summer he teamed up with his dad, Earl, and together they decided to make a massive effort to resuscitate the business… I’m talking about a "charge to 300 and clear" type of effort! 


When I tell you that they have been grinding… they have been GRINDING!! Full steam… around the clock. Earl and Joshua have been working on a total rebrand for Upscale including their mission, services, customer service experience, vehicles, policies, operating procedures… the whole nine! Part of this massive rebrand includes creating a presence and personal brand that potential clients will recognize, be drawn to, and trust. So of course I was honored when they asked me to plan and execute their personal branding photoshoot! 



I took them through an in depth planning process which started with identifying their brand story, mission, values, and unique value proposition. We discussed what they wanted to get out of the branding session and how they wanted to use their photos and then came up with a plan to meet those objectives. I helped them find 3 locations for the shoot and we strategized as a team to come up with a shot list, props, outfits, etc. The day of their shoot was relatively stress free because of the advanced planning. We got some amazing shots and had a lot of fun in the process! 


It is important to pick a photographer who will help you plan and strategize ahead of time so that you can get the most out of your branding session. More often than not, unexpected circumstances and challenges will arise and require a change of plans, but know that having a plan to start with  is going to help you feel more relaxed and confident the day of your branding session. The Ashley Marie Photography branding experience is designed to guide you from the planning phase of your photoshoot through how to best use your photos once your gallery has been delivered to you.

I am not just your photographer, but your strategist and coach as well!

US12US12 US13US13 US14US14 US15US15 US16US16 US17US17 US18US18 US19US19



I have continued to work with Earl and Josh on their content planning, social media strategies and how to use their images to tell their brand story and connect with their clients. Their new website Upscale Medical Transportation is up and running and instead of stock images, it features the photos we took during their first AMP branding session. You can also check out their Instagram & Facebook accounts to see how having custom branding images is helping them stand out in their industry and connect to their clients. 


This is what Earl and Josh had to say about why their clients choose Upscale over other medical transportation companies, “We are committed to excellence! Our clients are not objects to be moved and we actually value and care about them, we treat them like people with the dignity and respect they deserve. Our drivers and clients know each  other and have meaningful interactions during their transportation services. Our clients often become a part of the Upscale family. Because our clients are a part of the Upscale family we treat them as such. We provide reminder calls the day before their pick- up to confirm arrival time, we provide bottles of water and snacks for their ride, we send cards for their birthdays and holidays and periodically just call to check on them to see if they need anything. Often we just voluntarily provide care packages to our clients as many of them are on the lower end of the social-economic spectrum and struggle with the daily necessities of daily living.”

Enjoy the rest of this sneak peak into their AMP Branding Photography Session and if you want quality custom branding images to help establish or refresh your business or brand Contact Me for more information. 

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What is Personal Branding Photography? What is Personal Branding Photography?

Personal Branding Photography is more than just headshots, it is about capturing the personality of your brand and your business. The images you use on your website, social media, and other marketing platforms should convey your brand message, your mission, and your unique personality. Your images should match the mood and the feeling of your business. Investing in quality and consistent personal branding images is an amazing way to increase exposure for your business, services, and/or products. It is a way to tell your story, connect with your audience and showcase what makes your business unique beyond what you sell. 

More and more consumers are wanting to buy from a real person, and they want to “know” who they are buying from. You are the most unique thing about your business and sharing who you are and the story behind your brand is a great way to build buying trust with your ideal clients. 

TC3TC3 I had the pleasure of capturing some personal branding images for Ashley Conyers, a talented Black woman entrepreneur. She is amazing and passionate about life and her work... and I am not just saying that because we have the same name, lol! Ashley is the founder, and owner of Time Capsule Photography LLC

Ashley is a licensed social worker and a lifestyle and personal branding photographer. TCP exists to empower entrepreneurs (especially women) through imagery when it comes to building and maintaining their business(es). As a licensed social worker, photography is another way for Ashley to build connections with others while being creative in the process. She views it as a form of a therapy. “Everyone has layers, it’s my goal to uncover them one portrait at a time. I am here as your cheerleader and business bestie to make sure you feel confident from the beginning to the end of our sessions together.” Ashley’s unique value is that she brings a sense of empathy and a level of understanding to meet every client where they are in their business journey and level of confidence in front of the camera. 


For this session, Ashley wanted to highlight the importance of working space, her love of tea, her unique fashion style, and the fun behind the scenes work of a photographer, like editing. She chose a cozy little café in Metuchen, NJ called Cai’s Café TC1TC1

Ashley says, “Working spaces or Co-working spaces make such a difference for me. The environment that I’m in needs to help me stay focused. Being surrounded by others that are also working helps a lot. Also, the fact that you can potentially network with others in these spaces are amazing as well.

When I work, especially when editing images, I do love a nice cup of tea to keep me going. No coffee for me!”


TC19TC19 TC20TC20

TC4TC4 TC5TC5 TC6TC6 TC7TC7 TC8TC8 TC9TC9 TC10TC10 TC11TC11 TC12TC12 TC13TC13 TC14TC14 TC15TC15 TC16TC16 TC17TC17 TC18TC18 TC21TC21 TC22TC22 TC23TC23 TC24TC24 TC25TC25 TC26TC26 TC27TC27 TC28TC28

This is the advice Ashley has for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and her potential clients, “Investing in yourself and your business can be scary, but it is more than worth it. The most motivating and rewarding step you could take for yourself is to invest in creating content that is eye-catching and effectively represents you and your brand. Your ideal clients want to know the person behind the brand and who you truly are. Sharing more about yourself and the story behind your brand using high quality, unique and meaningful images is a great way to take your business to the next level.”


If you live in New Jersey or the Tri-state area and you are looking for a lifestyle or personal branding photographer, check out Time Capsule Photography LLC. 

Entrepreneur: Ashley Conyers

Business: Time Capsule Photography LLC.

Service Location: NJ/Tri-State Area 





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Coleman- Fall Portraits Fall in love with Coleman Carter!

Coleman Carter's 7 month photo session 

Newark, NJ

Weechquaic Park

Coleman1Coleman1 Coleman2Coleman2 Coleman4Coleman4 Coleman3Coleman3 Coleman5Coleman5 Coleman6Coleman6 Coleman7Coleman7 Coleman8Coleman8 Coleman9Coleman9 Coleman10Coleman10 Coleman11Coleman11 Coleman12Coleman12 Coleman13Coleman13 Coleman14Coleman14 Coleman15Coleman15 Coleman16Coleman16 Coleman17Coleman17 Coleman18Coleman18 Coleman19Coleman19 Coleman20Coleman20 Coleman21Coleman21 Coleman22Coleman22 Coleman23Coleman23 Coleman24Coleman24 Coleman25Coleman25 Coleman26Coleman26 Coleman27Coleman27


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Kylie & Trent- Married Kylie & Trent’s Haven Street Ballroom Wedding

So excited to share this sneak peak of Kylie and Trent’s wedding day, which was filled with love, glam, bling, family & friends, fun and more melanin magic than should be legal! The Haven Street Ballroom was transformed into a glamourous space for the wedding ceremony and reception. The morning started with hair and make-up… the bride’s hair was slayed by Darcell Howard and her make-up by Takia Ross of Accessmatized. Kylie’s blinged out bouquet, by Samia Events LLC, was absolutely gorgeous! Between her bouquet and her ring Kylie needed topflight security… and Nate, the ring bearer made sure the package was delivered safely down the aisle! Kylie and Trent shared the sweetest first look before their ceremony started… and let me tell you, Trent was speechless when he first laid eyes on his beautiful bride. The ceremony was beautiful and included a traditional handfasting. Mr & Mrs. Thomas were announced husband and wife, shared their first kiss as a married couple, and the party began immediately! All their family and friends were so overwhelmed with love and excitement that not even the heat could stifle the party! There was dancing, lots of kissing and singing, amazing Caribbean food, more dancing, and heart felt toasts. One of the highlights of the reception was the custom-made African dress that Kylie changed into… like I said… more Black Girl Magic than could be handled! It was truly an honor to capture Kylie and Trent’s engagement and wedding! They are an amazing power couple and genuinely good people! I wish them nothing but happiness as they move into this new chapter of their lives!


KTWedding1KTWedding1 KT1KT1 KTWedding2KTWedding2 KTWedding4KTWedding4 KTWedding3KTWedding3 KTWedding5KTWedding5 KTWedding7KTWedding7 KTWedding8KTWedding8 KTWedding9KTWedding9 KTWedding10KTWedding10 KTWedding11KTWedding11 KTWedding12KTWedding12 KTWedding13KTWedding13 KTWedding14KTWedding14 KTWedding15KTWedding15 KTWedding16KTWedding16 KTWedding17KTWedding17 KTWedding18KTWedding18 KTWedding19KTWedding19 KTWedding20KTWedding20 KTWedding21KTWedding21 KTWedding22KTWedding22 KTWedding23KTWedding23 KTWedding24KTWedding24 KTWedding25KTWedding25 KTWedding26KTWedding26 KTWedding27KTWedding27 KTWedding28KTWedding28 KTWedding29KTWedding29 KTWedding30KTWedding30 KTWedding31KTWedding31 KTWedding32KTWedding32 KTWedding33KTWedding33 KTWedding34KTWedding34 KTWedding35KTWedding35 KTWedding36KTWedding36 KTWedding37KTWedding37 KTWedding38KTWedding38 KTWedding39KTWedding39 KTWedding40KTWedding40 KTWedding42KTWedding42 KTWedding43KTWedding43 KTWedding45KTWedding45 KTWedding44KTWedding44 KTWedding46KTWedding46 KTWedding48KTWedding48 KTWedding49KTWedding49 KTWedding52KTWedding52 KTWedding50KTWedding50 KTWedding53KTWedding53 KTWedding54KTWedding54 KTWedding55KTWedding55 KTWedding56KTWedding56 KTWedding57KTWedding57 KTWedding58KTWedding58 KTWedding59KTWedding59 KTWedding60KTWedding60 KTWedding61KTWedding61 KTWedding62KTWedding62 KTWedding63KTWedding63 KTWedding64KTWedding64 KTWedding65KTWedding65 KTWedding66KTWedding66 KTWedding67KTWedding67 KTWedding68KTWedding68 KTWedding70KTWedding70 KTWedding71KTWedding71 KTWedding72KTWedding72 KTWedding73KTWedding73 KTWedding74KTWedding74 KTWedding75KTWedding75 KTWedding76KTWedding76 KTWedding77KTWedding77 KTWedding78KTWedding78 KTWedding79KTWedding79 KTWedding80KTWedding80 KTWedding81KTWedding81 KTWedding82KTWedding82 KTWedding83KTWedding83 KTWedding84KTWedding84 KTWedding85KTWedding85 KTWedding86KTWedding86 KTWedding87KTWedding87 KTWedding88KTWedding88 KTWedding89KTWedding89 KTWedding90KTWedding90 KTWedding91KTWedding91 KTWedding92KTWedding92 KTWedding93KTWedding93 KTWedding94KTWedding94 KTWedding95KTWedding95 KTWedding97KTWedding97 KTWedding96KTWedding96 KTWedding98KTWedding98 KTWedding99KTWedding99 KTWedding100KTWedding100 KTWedding101KTWedding101 KTWedding102KTWedding102 KTWedding103KTWedding103 KTWedding104KTWedding104 KTWedding105KTWedding105 KTWedding106KTWedding106 KTWedding107KTWedding107 KTWedding108KTWedding108 KTWedding109KTWedding109 KTWedding110KTWedding110 KTWedding111KTWedding111 KTWedding112KTWedding112 KTWedding113KTWedding113 KTWedding115KTWedding115 KTWedding114KTWedding114 KTWedding116KTWedding116 KTWedding117KTWedding117 KTWedding135KTWedding135 KTWedding129KTWedding129 KTWedding130KTWedding130 KTWedding131KTWedding131 KTWedding132KTWedding132 KTWedding133KTWedding133 KTWedding134KTWedding134 KTWedding118KTWedding118 KTWedding119KTWedding119 KTWedding120KTWedding120 KTWedding121KTWedding121 KTWedding125KTWedding125 KTWedding122KTWedding122 KTWedding123KTWedding123 KTWedding124KTWedding124 KTWedding126KTWedding126 KTWedding127KTWedding127 KTWedding128KTWedding128


Wedding Vendors

Venue: The Haven Street Ballroom

Hair: Darcell Howard, @thehairsnob @Snobbishbridal

Make-Up: Takia Ross, Accessmatized @accessmatized

Bride’s Bouquet: Samia Events LLC

Entertainment: Dej Kicka

Food: Dukes Catering

Drinks: F&Btainment by Daniel

Cake: Ashley David Cakes By Yours Truly

Décor: Luxury Event Styling

Day of Coordinator: Keaonia Shaw




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Kylie & Trent- Engaged Ice Cream and I Dos... The Perfect Summertime Treats!

When it comes to engagement stories that just make you smile from ear to ear and say “Awwwwww” this one here is at the top of my list. Meet Kylie and Trent. Kylie is the Director of Diversity and Inclusion for the US House Financial Services Committee, and Trent is a Firefighter. They met online and have been dating for almost 3 years. Trent said he was sure that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Kylie, but he wasn’t sure how and when he was going to pop the big question. On April 4th, Kylie, Trent and a friend of theirs decided to go down to Patterson Park to get some fresh air and exercise, and during that outing Trent was overcome with the feeling that that was the perfect time to propose! He got the ring from his car where he had been hiding it and asked Kylie to marry him at a beautiful duck pond in the park. Kylie said it was very romantic. She said YES… of course… and then they walked to Bmore Licks, which was right across the street and had ice cream! 

So when deciding where to take their engagement photos, going back to where it happened just felt right. We started their session at Bmore Licks which was perfect on a hot summer day. The couple enjoyed their cones and then we walked over to Patterson Park to the duck pond. They were such a joy to work with and their chemistry was just so natural. Kylie and Trent will be getting married over Labor Day Weekend. They are excited about the wedding and their future together which includes plans to travel the world and make a difference in the lives of the people they serve. Kylie and Trent pray for each other, look out for each other and want the best for each other.

Enjoy this peak at their summer Saturday engagement session at Patterson Park!  



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Felicia & Eric- Engaged The Perfect Proposal

On September 5th, I had the honor of documenting the sweetest and most elaborate proposal. With the help of his family and friends, Eric was able to pop the big question to Felicia in complete surprise. She started the day thinking that she was getting her hair and nails done as part of a promotional/marketing project for her friend. Then Eric took her out to lunch and a casual stroll at Columbia Lake. As the couple walked down near the docks, a random photographer… hahaha A.K.A. me… stopped them. I told them I was prepping for an engagement session for a couple the next day and asked if they would help me test out some shots and in return, I would send them the photos for free. Felicia was not really feeling the idea or the interruption of time with her beau and Eric didn’t help LOL… but I asked her to help support a Black owned business and she did. 

Needless to say, when Eric got down on one knee, it threw Felicia all off! Her expressions, her surprise, and her excitement were so contagious! After she said “Yes” Eric walked Felicia over to the amazing picnic that was staged ahead of time… it was honestly the cutest, most picturesque and comfortable picnic I have ever seen. They enjoyed chocolate covered strawberries, champagne, roses, and each other. Oh yea... did I forget to mention the harpist?! Then we walked around the park and took more photos. It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day! Eric couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day! 

I wish Felicia & Eric much happiness and joy as they plan their wedding and their future together! Congratulations!!! 

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LaTasha & Jemel- Engaged Liberty State Park Engagement Session

Congratulations are in order to newly engaged couple, LaTasha & Jemel!  The couple first met at a Fraternity/Sorority party. LaTasha is a Delta and Jemel is a Que. Jemel popped the question this summer on a day trip to the TurtleBack Zoo where he laid out a romantic picnic... of course LaTasha said yes! Their date is set for August of 2019. I had a great time shooting their engagement session out at Liberty State Park in Jersey City, NJ. Both LaTasha and Jemel are from NY, so they wanted to use the beautiful NYC skyline as their back drop. We had plenty of challenges that day including the blistering cold winds that were blowing over the river. Despite the cold temperatures and the winds we had a clear day and gorgeous blue skies. Both Jemel and LaTasha braved the cold and we got some amazing shots with the skyline. We even got some shots after sunset; the orange and purple colors in the sky were breath taking. Enjoy this peak at LaTasha and Jemel's engagement session.

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Nuha & Amr- Engagement Celebration It's A Celebration!!!

I am excited to share Nuha & Amr’s River Creek Club engagement party! Their event was phenomenal despite the torrential rain. The celebration began with a traditional Arab grand entrance called a Zaffa performed by a local dabka group, Fares El Layl. They did an amazing job getting the guests excited and energized. Family and friends joined the couple on the dance floor as the dancing continued well into the evening. The music was provided by DJ Yasir. Dinner was catered by the River Creek Club.  And the videography was provided by Ellen Bee Productions. Nuha and Amr are such a wonderful couple and I wish them all the best. Enjoy this preview from their engagement celebration!  

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Tammira & Shaneka- Graduation Dunbar to Doctors

Introducing Dr. Lucas & Dr. Parham! Tammira and Shaneka are Baltimore City natives who met freshman year at Paul Laurence Dunbar Community High School where they quickly became best friends. They graduated from Dunbar High School together and now 14 years later they have graduated with their Doctorate degrees together. Despite all of the challenges and barriers that they have faced, they both had the determination and perseverance to pursue their goals. Tammira received her Doctorate degree in Business and Shaneka received her Doctorate in Psychology. In addition to their academic accomplishments, they are also super moms to their children and devoted wives to their husbands. They are also members of the elite Divine Nine. Tammira is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. and Shaneka is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.. They are very proud of where they have come from and thought what better location for their Doctoral graduation photo shoot then at the school where their journey as friends began. They both have incredible stories to tell and they are wonderful examples for all our African-American inner city youth… anything is possible if you put your mind to it!  Congratulations Dr. Lucas & Dr. Parham!!  

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Kim & Mike- Married Marrying The Girl Next Door

Kim and Mike had the most beautiful and intimate destination-wedding weekend at the Captain’s Quarters vacation home in Cambridge, Maryland. The estate sits on 3 acres of land facing the Little Choptank River, which opens up to the Chesapeake Bay. Mike and Kim's closest family and friends spent the weekend at the vacation home and witnessed the two declare their love for one another in holy matrimony. On their wedding day I got to hear the stories of how Mike met the girl next door and ended up finding his best friend and the love of his life. Kim and Mike are truly a sweet and very down to earth couple. They love spending time out on the water boating, which made Captain’s Quarters the perfect venue for their wedding. There were lots of custom made items integrated into the wedding decor, and lots of royal blue, including Kim's gorgeous custom made wedding ring and band. Kim and Mike have a beautiful blended family including Mike’s son and daughter and their 3 French bulldogs, who were never trailing too far behind her! They were even wearing custom made doggie wedding attire, which was adorable. The ceremony was followed by a lovely reception, tasty food, good music, and lots of heart felt toasts. I am so grateful that Kim and Mike chose me to capture their very special day and I wish them the best as they start this new journey in life together. Congratulations and enjoy this preview from their wedding day!    


Venue: Captains Quarters

Bride Hair & Make-Up: Melissa Mangrum & Co.

Florist: Seasonal Flowers

DJ: Crow Entertainment

Caterer: Chesapeake Celebrations

Bakery: With Sugar On Top

Event Rentals: Dover Tents & Events

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Aurora & Devin- Married Congratulations to Mr & Mrs. Fentress!

Aurora & Devin tied the knot on a beautiful Saturday evening in the presence of God of their closest family and friends. Both the ceremony and reception were held at the Thomas Birkby House, a historical and rather charming venue in Leesburg, Virginia. The Birkby House provided a very elegant setting for the Fentress wedding including a beautiful outdoor ceremony site, landscaped gardens, blooming flowers, an adorable gazebo, a great tent for the reception, and even a small pond with Koi fish. The fresh floral arrangements designed by Affordable Arrangements, a family owned florist in Leesburg, definitely added another level of elegance to the decor. After Aurora & Devin's heart warming ceremony, we explored the grounds of the Birkby house to take some photos of the bride and groom, and we were even joined by a surprise guest... Devin's dog Vegas! Vegas was such a good boy and worked well for treats LOL! And when it was time to get the party started DJ Drex, definitely got the guests out of their seats and on the dance floor; even the wait staff couldn't resist grooving to the beats! All in all, Devin & Aurora had an amazing wedding day filled with love, laughter and fun. It was a true honor to be apart of this momentous occasion and I wish them the nothing but blessings and joy in the years to come. Congratulations Aurora & Devin!  




Ceremony & Reception Venue: Thomas Birkby House

Florist: Affordable Arrangements

DJ: DJ Drex A.K.A. Drexel Shorter 

Rentals: Something Vintage Rentals

Officiate: Dr. Judy Williams

Caterer: Tuskies-Jonathan

Bakery: Fluffy Thoughts Cakes

Hair & Make-up Stylist: Kayla Mullen

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Jalissa & Shawn- Engaged The Que Dog & His Delta Diva

Meet my cousin Jalissa and her fiancé Shawn. I have known this couple for a very long time and I am so excited that they are preparing to tie the knot! Jalissa met Shawn outside of her high school, University High, in Newark, New Jersey. Shawn didn't go to the same school, but he lived right across the street. They dated throughout college and their love for one another has grown tremendously over the years. They have so much in common... They are both quirky, love to laugh, and are family oriented. They both love fashion and shopping. For fun they also enjoy going to the movies and Netflix and Chilling (lol)! They are both members of the divine nine historically black Greek organizations. Shawn finally worked up the courage to pop the big question last year on Lisa's birthday (10/10/15). He took her out to a romantic dinner downtown Baltimore at the Inner Harbor. Lisa said while they were waiting for the waitress to bring dessert, he started fidgeting with his jacket and looking nervous. He got down on one knee and the surprise took over her, all she could say was "Oh my God is this real" over and over again... reality eventually set in and of course she said YES! They have been in planning mode ever since. The big day is set for August 12, 2017 and I am honored to be Lisa's matron of honor. Everyone is excited for this next step in Lisa and Shawn's life. I was definite excited and honored to photograph their engagement session, which we did in Branch Brook Park, Newark, New Jersey. I hope you enjoy this sneak peak of their photos.


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Chanel & Andy- Married I am excited to share Chanel and Andy’s wedding! I had been looking forward to the day ever since their amazing engagement session down in the Hampden area of Baltimore, Maryland (which is also on the blog J). We had such a good time that afternoon, and their wedding day was so much more special. The couple’s ceremony and reception took place at The Great Room at Historic Savage Mill, which is a unique venue with an industrial feel. The ceremony was outdoors on the tented deck. The look on Andy’s face when he saw his beautiful bride walking down the aisle was priceless; he was so full of emotion. Andy’s father, who is a pastor, performed the ceremony and Andy and Chanel declared their love and commitment for one another in front of God, their family, and their friends. After the ceremony we explored the venue for photographs. The couple has a love for superheroes so the guys got to show off their favorite superhero t-shirts that they wore under their suits. The reception was inside The Great Room, and the décor was beautiful. The couple chose to have miniature cakes that came in all flavors as their table center pieces. They had coffee bean pouches as seating cards, a neat photo booth set up with lots of props, and my favorite décor item was their custom cake topper! The cake topper was a miniature replica of the bride and groom, and it looked exactly like they did that day. Chanel’s figurine sported her sleek up-do hairstyle and her stunning beaded gown. The groom’s figurine sported his suit with his batman t-shirt underneath… it was adorable and unique! The rest of the evening was wonderful; there was dinner, cake, and of course DJ Greg of Three J’s Entertainment made sure that there was lots of dancing. Chanel and Andy will never forget their wedding day and I pray that God will continue to bless them in their new life together!



Ceremony & Reception Venue: The Great Room at Historic Savage Mill

Caterer: Putting on the Ritz

Cake/Baker: Fresh Bakery

Custom Cake Topper: Etsy- store Dealeasynet

Florals/Bouquets: Wicked Willow

DJ: Three J’s Entertainment

Bride & Brides Maid’s Dresses: David’s Bridal

Groom & Grooms Men’s Suits: Men’s Warehouse

Make-up: Tamika Janae,, 443-841-5327

Hair: Rasheeda Mitchell,






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Keila & Xavier- Married Xavier Got The Kei!

Xavier and Keila are one amazing couple and I am so glad that I had the opportunity to document their wedding day! Both the bride and groom spent the morning getting ready at The Embassy Suites Hotel in Alexandria, Virginia. Keila and her bridesmaids enjoyed champagne, memories, and laughs in the cutest robes. The guys also had some bonding time and shared a toast before everyone left for the ceremony site. The ceremony and reception took place at the Durant Arts Center in Old Town Alexandria. It was a great space and a rather unique venue filled with some wonderful artwork. The bride and her aunt did an awesome job creating all the ceremony and reception decor themselves! It's amazing what you can do with a ton of wine bottles and some gold spray paint! After Keila and Xavier's beautiful ceremony, we took it to the streets for some photos. The bride found the cutest cobble stone street, and although it made a challenging time for walking in heels, it made for some amazing photographs! Florida Avenue Grill catered the reception, and you would have thought that grandma was in the kitchen! The food was delicious! There were heart warming toasts, a beautiful cake, a mother & son dance, and even a Delta Sigma Theta ritual for the bride. And finally the bride, the groom, and all of their guests turned up on the dance floor for the rest of the night thanks to DJ One Luv. I wish Keila and Xavier nothing but love and prosperity as they begin their new life together as husband and wife! 


Day of Coordinator: Brittany McKenna 

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Durant Arts Center, Alexandria, Virginia

DJ: DJ One Luv, Jamal Muhammad (202) 725-4916

Caterer: Florida Avenue GrillShawnda (202) 276-7357

Cake/Baker: Desmond Pickins/Janee Browne (813) 391-1032

Make-up: Make up Euphoria, Jessia and Jennifer (443) 256 3843

Bride's Dress: David's Bridal

Groom's Tuxedo: Men's Warehouse

Bouquets: Bride

Table Decorations & Center Pieces: Bride



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Paige & Jamie- Married Paige and Jamie were married at The Elkridge Furnace Inn located in Elkridge, Maryland. It was a beautiful day for an outdoor ceremony despite the fact that Hurricane Gaston was making its way up the east coast. We were fortunate that it didn't rain, but the gusting winds made for some interesting and humorous veil action for the bride. Paige and Jaime are such a sweet and laid back couple. It was wonderful to experience how much they are loved by all their family and friends. Jaime and Paige had many unique aspects about their wedding; I especially loved the German outfits worn by the groom's family. The bride and her mom made most of the decor for the reception. And instead of a traditional wedding cake, the couple had an assortment of baked goodies including pies and pastries. Once the DJ got the party going the the newly weds and their guests enjoyed a fun evening of dancing, drinks, and good conversation. I was so happy to be apart of Paige and Jamie's big day, and I wish them tons of happiness in their new life together as husband and wife!


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Katina & Courtney- Married Next-Door Neighbors

Katina and Courtney have such a sweet and simple story…

Katina never thought that her next-door neighbor would turn out to be the love of her life. They met one evening… he was watering the grass as she was coming home from work… and things took off from there! I was grateful to be able to capture their wedding day, the day they chose to permanently tie themselves to one another. Both the bride and groom spent the day getting ready at the BWI Hilton Hotel. Katina’s beautiful gown came from David’s Bridal. Her shoes were from DSW and she customized the bottom of them with the cutest “I Do” stickers, something blue. She also incorporated her grandmother’s pearl necklace into her bridal bouquet, something borrowed. Katina & Courtney’s wedding ceremony and reception took place at the Overhills Mansion in Catonsville, Maryland. The record-breaking rain that day did not diminish the beautiful and emotional ceremony. It also didn’t stop any of the guests from enjoying the reception, the wonderful meal, the stunning cake, or dancing the night away. Congratulations to Katina & Courtney! They are such a sweet couple and I wish them many blessings in their new life together!   



Venue: Overhills Mansion, Catonsville, MD

Caterer: Whitehouse Caterers at Overhills Mansion

Cake: Dessert Connoisseur,

DJ: Steve Taylor

Videographer: Ellen Bee Productions

Bride’s Dress: David’s Bridal

Bride’s Shoes: DSW

Florals/Bouquets: Sam’s Club

Hair: D&V Hair Salon, (301) 336-2361

Make-up: Blessed and Beautiful by Monica,

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Christina & Daryl-Married Christina & Daryl's National Golf Course Wedding

Christina and Daryl got married on a beautiful summer day at the National Golf Club in Fort Washington, Maryland. Both the bride and groom spent the morning relaxing and getting ready with their closest family and friends. The primary colors for the wedding were black and white, but there were a lot of rich purple tones to give the day a pop of color. The bride wore a stunning gown from Lefty’s Bridal, an independently owned bridal boutique. The ceremony took place on the green, and although it was a hot day, all of the guest were excited and more than happy to witness Christina and Daryl declare their love to one another. Both the bride and groom wrote their own vows, which were very moving and emotional; there were tears and laughter all around. The reception space was beautifully decorated, the food was amazing, the cake was a work of art, and DJ Mark Dennis had no problem getting people out on the dance floor. Christina and Daryl had an amazing wedding day and were blessed to be able to share it with so many of their family and friends. I wish them the best as they embark on their new life as husband and wife.



Wedding Planner:       Senithia Martin, My Elegant Occasion

Caterer:                      Christine Kuhn, National Golf Club

Baker:                         Cakes Plus

Videographer:             Ellen Bee Productions

Decorator:                   Sheta Decorations,

Wedding Dress:          Lefty’s Bridal

Make-Up/Hair:             Mischelle Avant-Moody, MAC MUA, 240.274.0241                                                             

Hair:                            Aiko Love,

DJ:                              Mark Dennis


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Carolyn & Robert-Married Historic Bunker Hill Farms Wedding

Carolyn and Robert are a sweet couple who met while attending Haverford College in Pennsylvania. Robert is a schoolteacher and Carolyn is currently studying to be a veterinarian. Their wedding day took place at the historical Bunker Hill Farm in Millersville, MD. The property was originally constructed around 1820 and has been in Carolyn’s family for generations; it’s where her mom and dad were married years ago. The bride and groom had lots of family and friends come in from out of town to be a part of their special day. Carolyn was breathtakingly beautiful a stunning, non-traditional, gray/blue chiffon gown with lace and detailed beading at the top. She wore her grandmother’s Tiffany pearl around her neck; her sandals, broach, and hairpiece were also adorned with pearls. Robert and his groomsmen wore navy blue tuxedos and ties.  One of the most important photos that Carolyn wanted me to capture was of her and Robert standing in front of a row of white outhouses. This was a recreation of a photo from her mom and dad’s wedding day. Robert also chose a striking diamond engagement ring with a blue center stone, which is what Carolyn’s dad gave her mother. There were so many amazing, unique, and meaningful elements in this wedding. The floral arrangements by Little House of Flowers were stunning, the food was by Palate Pleasers was delicious, and the cake, pastries, and macaroons by Sweet Hearts Patisserie were out of this world! I wish Carolyn and Robert all the best as they embark on their new life together!



Venue: Bunker Hill Farm

Caterer: Palate Pleasers

Cake & Pastries: Sweet Hearts Patisserie

Bouquets & Flowers: Little House of Flowers

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Darian & Jonathan- Married Darian and Jonathan tied the knot on a beautiful spring evening at The Great Room at Historic Savage Mill. I had been anticipating this joyous occasion since their engagement session last fall.  All of their family and friends gathered under the outdoor tent to witness them declare their love to one another. Darian and Jonathan wrote their own vows, which were so heart felt that even I shed a few tears. The ceremony was followed by an indoor reception. Darian and Jonathan did a lot of the planning and décor themselves and their table centerpieces featured some of their favorite engagement photos. The guests enjoyed amazing food, drinks, dessert and DJ B-Eazy turned the reception into a real party. The night was filled with love, laughter, and dancing. These two men have so much to look forward to in their new life together, but this will be an evening that they’ll never forget. Congratulations Darian & Jonathan, I wish you nothing but happiness and prosperity!


Venue: The Great Room at Historic Savage Mill

Caterer: Putting On The Ritz

Wedding Day Coordinator: Corey Chapman

Wedding Cake Display: Jamar Gagum

Wedding Sheet Cakes: Mel Rose Jenkins

Officiant: Rev. Terumi Culmer

DJ: William Epps a.k.a. DJ B-Eazy

Videographer: Ellen Bee Productions

Cello & Violin: Ursula

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Rashida & Shegun- Married Once upon a time in a far away land…

Rashida and Shegun had a true fairytale wedding! Rashida was treated like royalty, as she and her bridesmaids got ready in the presidential suite. Her wedding dress was modern and elegant and her jewelry, which included a beautiful tiara was fit for a queen. The wedding ceremony and reception took place at the beautiful College Park Marriott Hotel & Conference Center. The weather forecast was calling for rain throughout the day, but thankfully the rain stopped just in time for their outdoor ceremony. There were beautiful flowers, a harpist, and even a horse and carriage! Rashida and Shegun had a beautiful ceremony and said their vows in front of all their family and friends. The Marriott did an amazing job with the reception décor, which included lots of rich red and gold accents. The tower wedding cake fit well into the royal elegance of the evening. The night was filled with heart-warming toasts, music, dancing, and fun. Rashida and Shegun are such a sweet couple and I was glad to be apart of their special day. I hope they enjoy their Happily Ever After!