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Infant photo sessions can often be quite a challenge! Infants can be unpredictable and you can never be sure what type of mood your baby is going to be in. Here are a couple of quick tips if you are thinking about getting portraits taken of your precious little one:

  • Schedule enough time for the photo session. With adults and older children a 50-60 minute session may be more than enough time to get the shots that you want. When it comes to infants, you have to ensure that their needs are met so that they will be happy and content. That means accounting for feedings, diaper changes, soothing/cuddling with mom. Time will also play a factor in getting those adorable napping shots vs. the shots that capture those beautiful bright eyes.

This beautiful little girl was wide awake during her entire session; she was determined not to miss out on a thing...



This little beauty fell asleep half way through her session... perfect timing...


  • Personalize your photo session by including items that belong to or comfort your baby. For example you may have a favorite blanket that they use frequently that smells like them (or even you) or stuffed animals. Other cute props include hats, headbands, necklaces, tutus, bloomers, and customized items with the baby’s name on it. Pinterest is a good site to look for ideas.















This cutie had plenty of adorable head bands and cute outfits



Such a cute personalized blanket...


  • When you think about location the preferable setting is going to be somewhere that has lots of natural light. 

Daddy decided to guest star in these photos. The light is coming from 2 large windows located in the baby's nursery...



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