Hi Friends! I’m Ashley Fullwood, your personal branding photographer! I am a creative, a mom, a wife, a big sister, a child of God, a beach bum and I am a champion for entrepreneurs. I am located in Baltimore County Maryland, but I travel to DC, VA, NJ and beyond. My educational background is in psychology/counseling, but my true love is storytelling through the art of photography. When I am not behind my camera, you may find me roller skating with my daughter, giving piggyback rides to my son, or laying the smackdown on my husband at the bowling alley… I throw a mean right hook!


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I am passionate about working with all types of small business owners and creatives in all different industries to uplevel their brand and grow their business. But there is a special fire that burns inside me when it comes to increasing support and growth in the African-American community. Black entrepreneurs and business owners are grossly underrepresented in the mainstream economic market, and it is certainly not for a lack of talent, creativity, or capability because lets be honest… 

We Do All The Things! 

As a Black woman, and a solopreneur, I personally know how hard it is to launch, manage and grow a small business that is profitable and visible within the local community and in the mainstream market. But I did it and so can you! You are strong, you are innovative, you are persistent, you break down barriers every day!

My mission is to EDUCATE, ENCOURAGE, EMPOWER, and EQUIP you with tools and content to represent and grow your business. 

Are you ready for your glow up? Let’s partner together and get it!


Think you may be interested in having me capture and tell your story? Want information about pricing and packages?  If so, I’d love to hear from you. Just go on over to the Contact page and tell me about your photography needs.