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Branding photography is more than just head shots, it’s an amazing way to increase exposure for your business, services, and/or products. It is a way to tell your story, connect with your audience and showcase what makes your business unique beyond what you sell. The Ashley Marie Photography Personal Branding Experience is about creating an authentic and relatable brand to attract and connect to your ideal clients.


My Goal is to help small businesses flourish and to shine the spotlight on hidden gems, especially other Black women entrepreneurs, and creatives! Allow me to tell and share your brand story with high quality, professional, unique, meaningful images. Together we can uplevel your brand by showcasing your personality, your passion, and your process. 

What Are the Benefits of Personal Branding Photography? 


Stand Out

Does your industry feel over saturated? Show your ideal clients what makes your service or product unique. There may be other people who do what you do, but there is only one you! What are you bringing to the table that no one else is? That is what your branding images will highlight.

Visual Appeal & Professionalism


According to a LinkedIn study, over 84% of communication is visual. The top social
networking platforms are photo & video based. And let’s face it… if you don’t capture your audience’s attention right away with visually pleasing images, the likely hood of them reading your captions or messages is very low. If you show up consistently with high quality, professional images across all your communication platforms, your clients will know that you are serious about your business!  





Create Connections & Build Trust


As an entrepreneur you aren’t just selling what you are selling who you are and why you do what you do. Consumers are more likely to buy from people they know, like and trust. Sharing your passions, dreams, fears, and vulnerabilities will attract like-minded clients more than any other type of content you post. Most of us entrepreneurs run our business primarily online, so we must work extra hard to get our authentic selves represented in the digital space. Your ideal clients will learn to trust you through the authenticity and consistency they see in your images!


Reclaim Your Time

No more taking and retaking cell phone photos. Save time trying to figure out what type of photos you should take a share. Sharing high quality consistent imagery customized to your business will elevate your brand recognition! When you start using your fresh AMP branding photos on your website, social media, email marketing, advertising, welcome guides, pricing guides, blogs, etc. (you get the point), I guarantee you’ll be the first to mind when people need a service you provide!





The Ashley Marie Photography personal branding experience is a 3-hour session during which I’ll help you tell your story and share your why through the beautiful and unique imagery we create including headshots, your workspace, behind the scenes, your creative process, your ACTUAL tools of the trade, and more. We'll get to know each other, shoot in multiple locations, you'll showcase different styled looks and we'll have a good time!
After your session is over, you won't have to worry about deciding which pictures to purchase because the full gallery of edited images is included in the package you choose.  You will be provided a link in which you can easily download the original and social size edited files and then print or post the ones you desire! 
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Graduation Session

Your AMP personal branding session will provide you with enough images to use for the quarter. And if you really want to show up professionally and consistently you can book quarterly sessions at a discounted rate. This is the perfect option for those entrepreneurs who are consistently creating and looking to showcase their products/services year-round.  


The full AMP Personal Branding Experience is more than worth the investment in your business! For the details on what it includes click here:  Personal Branding Photography Pricing Guide


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